The Pornography Challenge

Before, pornography was just an issue for adults… And was only accessible at cyber cafes.

Today, with over 80 million phone lines all enabled by smart phones, porn is not just in every home but in every pocket.

And with 9 and 10-year-olds confessing to have seen one form of porn or the other, very soon, pornography is going to be a major concern for Nigerian homes.

So, what would your child do WHEN (not IF) they come face to face with porn? For some parents, that day has since come and gone. Their child has chosen a path and they (parents) are not even aware. Don’t play the ostrich. You have to decide what he or she would do!

Some adults are trapped under the vicious grip of porn today. Imagine if their parents had spoken to them about this destructive pleasure? You can arm your kids today ahead of tomorrow.

Let’s rethink parenting