What’s your Worth Girl II

Fishing-Man-PosterFrom Chaser of Women to Fisher of Men

…So Dee (my uncle) continued his showing off of being born again but I knew him much better.


But as Beauty continued giving him cold shoulder, the more Dee became desperate. He tried every trick in the book without success. He bought things for her, she rejected them. Dee became good friends with her brothers but that didn’t move Beauty.


So out of desperation, what did he do?


He told Beauty one day that he would follow her to church and she obliged. Dee was over the moon. At last his trap will catch a big fish.


On that fateful Sunday morning, he woke up early and told my mum that he was going to a friend’s church for service but whispered to me that he was going to Beauty’s church.


He later came back that day looking very sober. Emmy later told me my uncle gave his life to Christ during the service.

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How did it happen? Dee said it was as if the pastor knew his history and dissected him while preaching sermon and he didn’t know when he crawled to the altar. From that day his philandering nature fizzled out totally. He later became a pastor and was preaching all over Nigeria and even outside the country.


Did he marry Beauty? No. But they became great friends and he held and still holds her in high esteem.


I learnt a great lesson from my uncle’s mantra about relationships. Dee categorised his relationships according to their worths. Those that didn’t worth anything at all and then those that he described as invaluable. So I always analyse my relationships beforehand. Abeg I don’t want to be anybody’s mugu.